Tilt Deck Service

Give Your Manitoba Company a Lift with Ken’s Crane Service!

A tilt deck service is essential for any company that deals with heavy equipment or machinery. A tilt deck allows you and your employees to safely transfer goods and products from point A to point B. A reliable tilt deck service uses a strong and durable tilted deck to load and unload heavy machinery more conveniently.

How Does a Tilt Deck Service Work?

A tilt deck trailer uses hydraulic cylinders to lift, lower, and tilt objects of varying weight and size. There are two types of tilt deck services—hydraulic tilt trailers and sliding trailers.

Hydraulic tilt trailers use hydraulic power units to apply force and subsequent lift. The mechanism uses a motor, a reservoir, and a pump for reliable pressure release. On the other hand, sliding trailers move the deck and adjust it to the desired angle to perform loading and unloading. Here are the top reasons why your company needs reliable tilt deck services.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Tilt Deck Service

  • It’s Efficient

Tilt deck services make your operation more efficient than the alternative service ramping. The lever is easy to pull, and the deck is ready to load or unload. The automated process makes the entire loading and offloading process time and energy efficient.

  • Reliable Safety

The workplace is a hotbed for unforeseen dangers lurking around every corner. Workers find it disturbing to work in an environment filled with occupational hazards that may put them out of commission for weeks with minimal reparations. A tilt deck service offers your employees much-needed peace of mind when handling heavy machinery and materials. Keeping your employees safe also keeps your employees from applying or suing for damages in the event of an accident in the line of work, saving you and your company money.

  • More Space for Your Loading Procedures

Your loads have never been this easy. Now you can load your machines from a centralized location, leaving the rest of the company floor for other industrial utilization. The service also saves time that is otherwise spent wasting resources and putting the company at risk of considerable expenses.

  • Protects the Machinery

Machinery that is offloaded and loaded using a tilt deck service is less likely to get any kind of damage to its condition. This, in turn, saves your business funds that are otherwise spent handling heavy machinery without proper service, resulting in injuries.

Ken’s Cranes is proud to offer Tilt Deck services to Winnipeg, and we invite you to contact us for more information or to book a service time!